Demi Kontokostas

Consultant I

Demi Kontokostas leverages her expertise in project management, patient services, business development, and data analysis to support clients in market access launch strategy planning and analysis.

Her background in these areas enables her to effectively guide clients through strategy implementation and decision-making processes.

Prior to joining Avalere, Demi played a pivotal role in the biotech industry, where she provided project management and process optimization services to diverse clients such as health systems, commercial enterprises, and state education departments. During this time, she led strategic program rollout initiatives, conducted extensive research and data analysis to enhance cost efficiency, and fostered internal engagement amidst rapid company growth. In addition to her contributions to market access strategy, Demi has also made significant impacts in other areas, including supporting patients with genome sequencing, designing internal tools and dashboards, advancing behavioral health technological infrastructure, and contributing to RFP product development.

Demi holds a Master’s in Education from the University of San Francisco.