Avalere’s Healthcare Industry Outlook 2019: View All Angles

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On January 10, Avalere experts examined the top healthcare priorities to watch in 2019.

Our annual Healthcare Industry Outlook webinar was on January 10. Avalere experts explored the main industry trends from each stakeholder’s point of view, and discussed changes that will shape the industry in 2019 and why they matter.

Key topics focused on:

  • Evolution of public programs
  • Addressing social determinants of health
  • Drug-pricing and supply-chain pressures


Elizabeth Carpenter , President

As president of Avalere Health, Elizabeth Carpenter is responsible for the firm’s consulting, sales, and operational functions.

Guest Speaker
Sarah Butler , Head, Client Solutions, Marketing & Operations, Avalere Health
Sarah Butler specializes in evidence-based medicine, value-based contracting, and strategy development.
Guest Speaker
Dana Macher , Managing Director, Market Access & Reimbursement, Avalere Health
Dana Macher specializes in market access and commercialization.
Guest Speaker
John E. Linnehan , Practice Director, Health Economics & Advanced Analytics, Avalere Health
John E.
Guest Speaker
Kristi Mitchell , Practice Director, Avalere Health
Kristi Mitchell specializes in the use of clinical data for strategic decision-making across multiple industries, including life sciences, health plans, and professional societies.
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