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August 11, 2020 12:00 - 1:00 PM ET

Election 2020 and Healthcare: Setting the Stage

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Avalere’s 2020 Election series started with our experts covering the current state of play in the 2020 election and the role of healthcare between now and November.

We apologize for the technical difficulties that caused our webinar to not be viewed live. Please watch a Microsoft Teams recorded version that we created immediately after the technical difficulty so you could have access to our insights about healthcare and the upcoming election.

Prior to COVID-19, polling showed that healthcare was a top voter issue. The pandemic has further concentrated the focus on healthcare, highlighting systemic health, and social inequities, and underscoring coverage gaps in our current system. Join our experts to hear their perspectives on the various scenarios that may unfold to prepare for future policy changes.

Key Topics

  • Where the races stand
  • COVID-19 and public-health implications
  • Coverage landscape (e.g., Medicaid, ACA)
  • Drug-pricing policies
  • Healthcare disparities


Chris Sloan , Principal, Policy

Chris Sloan advises a number of clients, including pharmaceutical manufacturers, health plans, providers, and patient groups on key policy issues facing the healthcare industry.

Matt Kazan , Principal, Policy

Matt Kazan provides strategic advice to health plan and life sciences clients navigating the complex legislative and regulatory policy environment, with a particular expertise in Medicare Part D and Medicare Advantage.

Dan Mendelson , Founder

Dan Mendelson is Founder and former CEO of Avalere Health, a vibrant community of innovative thinkers dedicated to solving the challenges of the healthcare system.

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