The Evolving Cell & Gene Therapy Market   

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Join Avalere’s panel of market access and policy experts for a discussion on the growing cell and gene therapy (CGT) pipeline, an in-depth look at the unique opportunities and challenges these novel therapies present, and an overview of the many hurdles stakeholders need to navigate for success.

With 8 cell and gene therapies on the market, over 450 unique products in clinical development, and 50 approvals expected by 2030, the CGT market is growing rapidly.

Products currently in clinical development include autologous and allogeneic cell therapies and in-vivo and ex-vivo gene therapies administered across settings of care (i.e., inpatient, HOPD, physician office, and pharmacy) with indications for oncology, metabolic disorders, hematology, rare disease, and other various diseases.

Join our webinar, which dives into how to overcome challenges that this significant pipeline presents for stakeholders such as:

  • Limitations related to small clinical trial populations
  • Current reimbursement frameworks
  • Budget impacts
  • Narrow sites of care
  • Manufacturing inefficiencies that will have implications for the broader healthcare system

We will also cover ways to help stakeholders looking to reimagine FDA-approval processes, develop innovative financing solutions, and standardize manufacturing to optimize time to treatment.

We look forward to seeing you there!


Megan West (Olsen) , Managing Director, Policy

Megan West advises clients on policy and market-based strategies related to drug pricing, cell and gene therapy (CGT) development, value-based contracting, and innovative approaches to patient access.

Pipeline & Regulatory Challenges

Kylie Stengel Associate Principal
Mark Von Eisenburg Consultant II
Market Access & Reimbursement

Reimbursement & Innovative Financing/Contracting

John C. Neal Managing Director
Commercialization & Regulatory Strategy
Elizabet Shvets Consultant II
Market Access & Reimbursement

Patient Support

Kolton Gustafson Principal
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