Valuing the Patient Perspective: Patient-Centered HTA

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This expert panel will address the challenge of integrating patient perspectives into value assessments, discussing implications for evidence strategy, health equity, caregiver involvement, and downstream impacts on care delivery.

There is growing consensus across all stakeholders that value assessments need to incorporate more evidence, and weigh it accordingly, surrounding the patients’ perspective of value received from a technology. While Health technology assessment (HTA) bodies have indicated a desire to shift in the direction of patient-centered value, they are also limited in their ability to quantify value by the evidence available. At the same time, life sciences organizations and other researchers are limited in their ability to generate patient-centered evidence by finite resources as the need to ensure evidence of clinical safety and efficacy takes priority for regulatory purposes. Further, there is an overall uncertainty as to how HTA bodies will assess patient-centered evidence. These challenges, compounded by limitations in data collection and scientifically rigorous impact measurement, threaten to stall progress toward the consistent development of patient-centered value assessments.

Our expert panel of thought-leaders in the field of patient-centered HTA will discuss:

• The history, evolution, and current state of patient perspectives in value assessments and where assessors have indicated they are moving in the near future.

• The readiness of the evidence base to support patient-centered value assessments and what the implications are for evidence strategy – including how both clinical trials and real-world evidence generation need to evolve.

• Implications of health equity when measuring patient-centered value and how to account for heterogeneity of patient preferences, priorities, and needs.

• The role of non-patients in patient-centered value, such as caregiver perspectives, and how those perspectives could be incorporated into value assessment findings.

• The connection of downstream impacts to care delivery, including how patient-centered evidence is critical to enabling true shared decision-making and integrated care planning.


Laura Housman , Practice Director, Evidence & Strategy

Laura T. Housman, MPH, MBA, DrPH candidate (ABD) is Practice Director of the Evidence and Strategy practice within Avalere Health, bringing broad and extensive expertise in strategy, evidence generation, reimbursement and pricing, patient communications, population health and personalized medicine to drive access to innovation across healthcare.


Guest Speaker
Joey Mattingly Associate Professor and Vice Chair of Research University of Utah College of Pharmacy
Guest Speaker
Nikki Martin Senior Director of Precision Medicine Initiatives LUNGevity
Guest Speaker
Claire Saxton Executive VP, Insights and ImpactCancer Support Community
Mina Allo Managing Director
Market Access & Reimbursement
Shelby Harrington Managing Director
Evidence & Strategy
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