Cell and Gene Therapy

The cell and gene therapy market is rapidly evolving, presenting new challenges for stakeholders and shifting traditional policy and access paradigms. Our cell and gene experts help stakeholders navigate the landscape through data-driven, end-to-end life cycle support to advance key commercialization and patient access goals.

Brigit Kyei-Baffour

Cell and Gene Therapy Pipeline Patient Affordability Opportunities

With a number of cell and gene therapies (CGTs) expected to obtain Food & Drug Administration (FDA) approval in the next 3 years, stakeholders must consider the unique patient access and affordability barriers that may limit patient ability to receive these novel treatments. Stakeholders should explore affordability solutions that can optimize access, or they risk excluding patients from obtaining potentially life-saving treatments.

Kylie Stengel

Medicaid Programs Seek New Approaches for Cell and Gene Therapies

State Medicaid programs are likely to face significant budget impacts from emerging cell and gene therapies and may seek to implement a variety of strategies to manage utilization and address provider reimbursement and financing challenges.

Kolton Gustafson

CMS Finalizes New Reimbursement Method for CAR-T Treatments

Policy changes to Medicare’s CAR-T inpatient reimbursement set a precedent for high-cost durable treatments. Looking ahead, questions and concerns remain for pipeline cell and gene therapies that have high up-front costs.

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