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Avalere Releases Patient-Perspective Value Framework Scoring Methodology Report

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Today, Avalere published a technical appendix to the PPVF Version 1.0 methodology report, outlining a quantitative method for incorporating patient preferences into value assessments and healthcare decision making.

In May 2017, Avalere and FasterCures published Version 1.0 of the Patient-Perspective Value Framework (PPVF) – a value assessment methodology that incorporates patient preferences and can be applied to a variety of settings and used by multiple audiences. This framework was developed with guidance from a multi-stakeholder Steering Committee, including patient groups, payers, life sciences companies, and other not-for-profit organizations. The PPVF includes a set of patient-centered domains, criteria, measures, and includes a broad (non-condition-specific) methodology for assessing value driven by patient preferences. Based on feedback received from over 270 participants (84% of which was directly from patients, caregivers, and patient advocates), the PPVF’s five domains represent categories of considerations that are important to patients when making healthcare decisions.

As part of Phase II of the PPVF Initiative – which launched in June 2017 and concludes today – Avalere developed a quantitative scoring methodology that adds further granularity to the PPVF Version 1.0 methodology. This report outlines a scoring approach that aligns with the PPVF’s domains and weighs patient preferences separately within each of these domains to generate varying preference-weighted scores. In developing a scoring methodology that integrates patient preferences at both the individual and population level, we have relied on varied data sources and employed a diverse set of methodological approaches. This report also employs condition-specific examples to depict how the steps and equations may work in practice. These examples are illustrative only and have been developed for two condition areas: type 2 diabetes and relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis.

What’s Next in the PPVF Initiative?

Phase III of the PPVF Initiative will launch in June 2018, and will focus on implementing the PPVF through two key workstreams:

  1. Piloting PPVF-Driven Shared Decision Making (SDM): The goal of this workstream is to apply the PPVF as an SDM tool to support conversations between patients and providers at the point of care. To this end, Avalere will pilot test an upstream, PPVF-driven SDM tool that was co-developed with patients.
  2. Advancing Patient-Centered Value Assessments: The goal of this workstream is to leverage the PPVF’s domains, criteria, and measures to reframe the value conversation from the patient’s perspective. To this end, Avalere is launching a working group together with other value framework developers, in July 2018, to design solutions that will drive patient-centered value assessment.

To learn more about the PPVF scoring methodology and Phase III of the PPVF initiative, connect with us.

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