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Avalere Releases Recommendations to Drive More Patient Orientation in Value Assessment Methodology

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Avalere published a white paper outlining global recommendations to increase the patient centricity of value assessment framework methodology and application.

In May 2017, Avalere and FasterCures developed and released Version 1.0 of the Patient-Perspective Value Framework (PPVF), a value assessment methodology that helps stakeholders to assess value through the lens of patient and family preferences. Grounded on a platform of usability and transparency, the PPVF focuses on patient-centered outcomes, patient and family costs, and the quality and applicability of evidence. In Phase II, we created an accompanying scoring methodology that provides further technical granularity to the Version 1.0 framework.

As part of Phase III, which began in June 2018 and officially concludes today, Avalere convened a working group focused on improving the patient-centeredness of value assessment. The working group includes patient advocacy, payer, provider, and life sciences representatives in addition to 2 value assessment organizations, the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) and the National Comprehensive Cancer Network (NCCN).

“Avalere has published this paper to help existing and new value framework developers incorporate the patient voice into value assessment methodology and applications. We would like to acknowledge ASCO and NCCN for their insights and feedback to Avalere and the PPVF Steering Committee during the development of this work,” said Josh Seidman, managing director at Avalere.

Focus Areas

This white paper explores global, consensus-based recommendations that can help expand the availability of patient-centered data and better reflect the patient view in value frameworks. Given the complexity of some key steps in the process, we separate them into short- and long-term recommendations.

Short-term Focus Areas

  1. Quality of Life (QoL) – Selection of validated QoL instruments to support collection of QoL data for value assessment calculations & treatment decision making
  2. Real-World Evidence (RWE) and Guidance for Utilizing Patient-Reported Outcomes – Evaluation of the current state of RWE and identification of ways RWE can encourage incorporation of the patient perspective into value assessments
  3. Patient Preferences – Integration of patient preferences data at point of care and in value assessment methodologies

Long-term Focus Areas

  1. Patient-Centered Data Structure for QoL and Real-World Data (RWD) – Structural modifications to the existing patient-centered data architecture to promote RWD collection
  2. Evolution of FDA Requirements – Identification of regulatory channels to advance appropriate aggregation of RWD
  3. Increased Availability of Patient-Centered Data – Support of initiatives and tools that can promote the availability of cost, complexity of regimen, and patient preferences data

What’s Next in the PPVF Initiative?

In addition to drafting the global recommendations in Phase III, Avalere has developed and validated a Preparation for Shared Decision-Making tool for patients with advanced breast cancer.

Moving forward, Avalere will explore translating these recommendations toward specific value frameworks and entities that are implementing frameworks to guide healthcare decision making. It remains critical to ensure that patients values, needs, and preferences are integrated in the value assessment process, and these global recommendations present an important step towards doing so.

Download the white paper.

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