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Patient Value Frameworks

Value assessments that incorporate patient perspectives enable stakeholders to better understand disease burden, differentiate products, and improve quality of care.


Value Assessments Matter to Decision Makers

Health plans, life sciences companies, and providers use value assessments to evaluate new and existing procedures and treatments. These assessments incorporate patient-centered outcomes research that helps stakeholders understand the true burden of a disease and the impacts of treatment. For manufacturers and health plans, value assessments offer real-world evidence that can help differentiate their offerings from those of competitors. For providers, assessments open opportunities for shared decision making with patients and improved clinical outcomes.

Despite the importance of value assessments, there is no standard method for conducting them, and many that are currently in use today either are ill-suited to certain conditions (e.g., rare diseases) or neglect domains that patients may prioritize, such as side effects, route of administration, or burden on caregivers. 

Tools that Work

At Avalere, we harness subject matter expertise in clinical care, qualitative and quantitative research, and a range of therapeutic areas to create patient value framework tools that both identify and accommodate stakeholders’ unique needs.

Our expert-driven Patient Perspective Value Framework (PPVF) offers a set of patient-centered domains, criteria, and measures that capture value as defined by patients. The framework can be applied across multiple settings and therapeutic areas. The PPVF was developed in partnership with FasterCures and through the guidance of a multistakeholder steering committee composed of payers, patient groups, life sciences companies, and nonprofit organizations.

Whether our clients are developing healthcare programs, making treatment decisions, or seeking product differentiation, we have the skills, tools, and network to help them reach their goals. We offer expertise in qualitative and quantitative research design and tap into the knowledge of our on-staff physicians, pharmacists, and nurses. We also have strong relationships with patient, provider, and advocacy groups that inform our value assessment work.

Turning Insights into Outcomes

We help clients access and analyze the information needed to understand perspectives and facilitate conversations between clients and key stakeholders to gain insights on the patient experience.

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