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Avalere and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Launch Initiative to Transform Health Systems

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Avalere will serve as the RWJF Health Systems Transformation Research Coordinating Center to meet patients’ interrelated clinical and social needs.

Healthcare system transformation requires consideration of individuals’ full range of clinical and social goals and needs to create an equitable, high-quality, cost-effective health system. We need to more systematically understand: the scope of existing models; how they respond to the goals and needs of targeted individuals; whether they are compelling to different types of healthcare stakeholders (including providers, payers, and purchasers); and evaluate to what extent they advance health equity. There is currently no coordinating effort that brings relevant research together, considers the merits of various models, and identifies gaps in our understanding and evidence. We need a collaborative to set a research agenda and change the ways in which research is generated, funded, and used to transform health systems – and ultimately improve health outcomes, especially for populations with the most complex needs.

The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF) selected Avalere to serve as a Health Systems Transformation Research Coordinating Center to fill this gap. As the Coordinating Center, Avalere will provide support for aligned, evidence-building activities to drive health systems transformation that will accelerate the spread of innovative solutions and research. We will also ensure that the Coordinating Center’s work focuses especially on advancing care delivery models aimed at Medicaid-eligible individuals and systems primarily serving Medicaid-eligible populations. Avalere and RWJF envision this project’s overall success as:

• Launch of a multi-stakeholder research collaborative to transform health systems that advance      health equity
• Development of a robust research agenda
• Selection of research grantees who can implement the research agenda and conduct the innovative research
• Identification of additional funders for this seminal work to help sustain and further the research of the collaborative

If you are interested in finding ways to partner with us on this initiative, please reach out to Josh Seidman.

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For Avalere updates, connect with us.

Support for this program is provided by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, however, the views expressed here do not necessarily reflect the views of the foundation.

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