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Healthcare Transformation

We partner with and support clients in their healthcare transformation efforts to change policies, realign processes, and introduce innovations to improve the way healthcare is delivered.


Navigating the Healthcare Landscape

The healthcare landscape is shifting as new models of care, reimbursement strategies, and resource constraints continue to emerge, and the path forward for stakeholders is not always clear. When clients select Avalere, we help them establish a vision and chart a path through the shifting terrain by using our agility and creativity to solve the hardest problems in the industry.

Whether a client aims to address a persistent health issue in an underserved patient population, differentiate a product in a saturated market, or conceptualize a new quality measure, the path forward can be prohibitively complex without the right partner. That’s why we help clients achieve their goals by providing them with expert insights and analyses and access to rich data sources, and by serving as a thought partner with deep knowledge of regulations, quality measures, outcomes-based contracting, and policy.

Our Commitment to
Our Clients

In serving our clients, our subject matter experts leverage their decades of experience at major health systems, quality and life sciences organizations, government bodies, and specialty societies, as well as their involvement in the creation of numerous industry guidelines and measures. We help clients to understand the terrain most relevant to them, identify influences that may impact their product, and recognize any gaps in the existing market.

We support clients by analyzing real-world data and developing practical insights. To complement our analyses, we leverage our extensive connections to go directly to key decision makers, get their input, and guide our clients on the best path forward.

A Hub for Healthcare Transformation

With expertise in multiple practices areas and relationships across the healthcare continuum, from patient engagement and healthcare quality measures to delivery and payment, we serve as an advisory partner to life sciences manufacturers, health plans, and provider clients, as well as advocacy and non-profit organizations. We occupy a unique position that enables us to link all aspects of the healthcare ecosystem to advance the monumental task of transforming healthcare.

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