Jenna Ivan supports clients with research and analysis that span a variety of healthcare sectors and stakeholders.

She applies her background in medical policy, international health, and analytics to a broad range of client projects.

Prior to joining Avalere, Jenna was a research analyst with Third Bridge, where she designed and conducted primary research on the medical, pharmaceutical, and healthcare industries for financial clients. Additionally, Jenna worked as a medical scribe for Scribe America, where she partnered with healthcare providers to maintain electronic medical records.

Jenna attended the University of Notre Dame, where she received an MS in global health and a BA in pre-health and sociology with minors in genetics and economics.

Authored Content

Approximately ⅓ of physician services payments are eligible for telehealth reimbursement under Medicare (fee-for-service) FFS through existing Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) guidance as of January 2020, in addition to temporary coding guidance specific to COVID-19 effective as of March 1, 2020. Avalere’s analysis highlights the immediate potential for specific physician specialties to utilize telehealth based on temporary flexibilities regarding which procedures are eligible for telehealth reimbursement.