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Social Determinants of Health: The Importance of Data, Part 2

Tune into the second segment of the Avalere Health Essential Voice podcast series focused on social determinants of health (SDOH) data. In this segment, Avalere experts discuss how life sciences organizations are beginning to recognize the importance and impact of this data, particularly in real-world evidence value demonstration work.

Christie Teigland

Social Determinants of Health: The Importance of Data, Part 1

In Part 1 of this segment focused on social determinants of health (SDOH), our experts from Avalere’s Health Economics and Advanced Analytics practice discuss the importance of SDOH data, how health plans are increasingly utilizing that data, and the ongoing limitations to data access.

Dan Mendelson

2020 Election with Avalere: COVID-19 Stakeholder Impacts

Tune into our seventh video of the Avalere Health Essential Voice: Election 2020 series. As election day approaches, our experts share their thoughts on how the COVID surge has changed the campaigns’ closing arguments, the current outlook on a COVID relief package, and how the election results will affect individual stakeholders.

Matt Kazan

2020 Election with Avalere: SCOTUS ACA Outlook

Tune into the fifth video of the Avalere Health Essential Voice: 2020 Election series. In this segment, our experts discuss the evolving makeup of the Supreme Court and the outlook on California vs. Texas — the upcoming Supreme Court case regarding the constitutionality of the Affordable Care Act and, in particular, the individual mandate. 

Develop Quality Measures

In this short video, Kristi Mitchell, Senior Vice President, discusses strategies to improve patient outcomes and excel in a value-based care environment.

Navigate Value-Based Payments

Watch this short video of Fred Bentley from our Provider Practice, discuss insights on navigating the transition from volume to value-based care in a changing healthcare environment.

Advance Your PAC Optimization

Watch Erica Breese, our post-acute care expert, preview how analytics can reduce readmissions and improve outcomes for patients after hospitalizations.

Avalere 2017 Healthcare Industry Outlook

2017 will be the start of major environmental changes for the healthcare industry following a shift in the balance of power in Washington and the States. Listen to moderator Caroline Pearson set the stage for our 2017 Healthcare Industry Outlook.

Avalere 2016 Healthcare Industry Outlook

In 2016, 2 key themes underlie much of the shift in the healthcare landscape: cost and value. Each of these elements is critical as we attempt to reduce costs by improving value across the healthcare system. Caroline Pearson, Senior Vice President, Strategy and Policy, gives a preview of what to expect.

Keys to a Successful Patient Engagement Strategy

How can you position your organization for new payment models that emphasize quality of care over quantity of services performed or therapies sold? Engage patients. In this short video, Josh Seidman, Avalere Payment & Delivery Innovation, defines the key imperatives to creating a successful patient engagement strategy that will bring your organization to the forefront of the industry's transition from fee-for-service to value-based care.

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