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Zachary Klein

Maximizing Access & Uptake for Digital Health Technologies

Significant investment and attention has been paid to the digital health space in recent years as a promising frontier in improving care for patients. In this video, Avalere experts discuss several solutions, including increased, streamlined stakeholder collaboration, improvements in evidence generation, established value assessment frameworks, and identification of a clear reimbursement pathway that can create a path for more optimal access, uptake, and utilization.

Michael Ciarametaro

Unpacking the Implications of the Negotiated Drug List, Part 2

In Part 2 of our video series on the negotiated drug list, Avalere experts discuss topics including effectiveness measures that will inform CMS’s maximum fair price determinations, evidence generation strategies for manufacturers with products that have been selected for negotiation, or that are eligible for selection in the future, and CMS’s definition of therapeutic alternatives.

Laura Housman

Unpacking the Implications of the Negotiated Drug List, Part 1

Delve into the far-reaching implications of the recently announced negotiated drug list as Avalere experts provide insights and answers to pressing questions surrounding CMS's landmark decision on Part D drug pricing and its impact on manufacturers, patients, and the future healthcare landscape.

Mark Gooding

Patient Support Perspective for 2023 and Beyond

Avalere experts delve into the dynamic patient assistance program landscape, including copay accumulators and maximizers, alternative funding initiatives, and the repercussions of policy shifts such as the Inflation Reduction Act and state-level copay accumulator bans.

Elif Alyanak

RSV Prevention, Part V: Where Are We Now?

In the fifth installment of our Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV) prevention series, Avalere experts discuss updates to the RSV prevention landscape, including newly approved products and recent Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) meeting discussions.

Emily Belowich

Innovations in Kidney Care

Avalere experts discuss trends and advancements in the kidney disease space, including payment models, digital health interventions, and key considerations for manufacturers. 

IRA Impacts on Evidence and Strategy

Ahead of the Asembia and ISPOR 2023 conferences, Avalere experts discuss the increasing importance of value and evidence strategies as part of Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) implementation planning.

IRA Policy Changes: Planning for Life Sciences

The Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) brings some of the biggest changes affecting the pharmaceutical industry in the last decade. Avalere expert Megan West discusses how these shifts will impact pharmaceutical organizations and how Avalere can support in developing strategies to mitigate risk and identify opportunities across the product lifecycle.

Michael Lutz

Innovative Partnerships in Medicare

In this video, Manoj Pawar, Chief Medical Officer of Mutual of Omaha, joins Avalere experts to discuss their recent partnership on a project that sought to identify innovative ways to use data to inform payer/provider partnerships in the Medicare program.

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