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January 7, 2021 1:00 - 2:00 PM ET

Avalere 2021 Healthcare Industry Outlook: Clearing the Path

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The accelerated changes and increased uncertainties in healthcare brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic will continue into 2021, and its impacts are likely to shape healthcare for years to come. While prevalent uncertainty is a given, the broad outline of a new era is already emerging. More than ever, careful examination of healthcare stakeholder’s business models, policy developments, and data will be essential to arrive at accurate assessments of the future state. Our experts engaged in a live discussion covering critical issues facing healthcare leaders and strategies for clearing the path.

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Sarah Butler led 4 panel discussions exploring the key healthcare questions for the upcoming year and evidence-based strategies for life sciences companies, health plans, and providers to overcome potential access barriers and improve health outcomes.

Key Topics

  • Navigating the post-election policy landscape, including the COVID-19 pandemic, health disparities, drug pricing, and access to healthcare coverage
  • Addressing patient affordability, drug pricing, the role of Center for Medicare & Medicaid Innovation
  • Using data and innovative care models to address healthcare disparities, public health issues, and the consequences of delayed and deferred care
  • Understanding the emerging COVID-19 vaccines and therapeutics marketplace and the role of the Food & Drug Administration


Sarah Butler , Head, Client Solutions, Marketing & Operations

Sarah Butler specializes in evidence-based medicine, value-based contracting, and strategy development.

Elizabeth Carpenter , Head of Advisory Services

Elizabeth specializes in policy, particularly in the implementation of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), trends in commercial insurance, drug pricing policy, and the impact of politics on the policy landscape.

Nick Diamond , Consultant II

Nicholas J. Diamond, JD, LLM, MBe, provides strategic counsel on health policy and market access issues spanning US (federal, state, and local) and international markets.

Kelly L. George , Associate Principal, Market Access & Reimbursement


Lance Grady , Practice Director, Market Access & Reimbursement

As the leader of the Market Access Practice, Lance Grady devises commercialization strategies focused on value, access, and reimbursement.

Matt Kazan , Principal, Policy

Matt Kazan provides strategic advice to health plan and life sciences clients navigating the complex legislative and regulatory policy environment, with a particular expertise in Medicare Part D and Medicare Advantage.

John E. Linnehan , Practice Director, Health Economics & Advanced Analytics

John E. Linnehan leads a team of consultants, strategists, and data scientists focused on driving healthcare improvement through value demonstration, stakeholder engagement, predictive and applied analytics, and data innovations.

Kristi Mitchell , Practice Director

Kristi Mitchell specializes in the use of clinical data for strategic decision-making across multiple industries, including life sciences, health plans, and professional societies.

John C. Neal , Managing Director, Commercialization & Regulatory Strategy

John C. Neal partners with pharmaceutical and biotech clients to develop market access assessments and launch strategies designed to ensure successful commercialization of assets.

Chris Sloan , Principal, Policy

Chris Sloan advises a number of clients, including pharmaceutical manufacturers, health plans, providers, and patient groups on key policy issues facing the healthcare industry.

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