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Avalere Commentary on HIV Prevention Policy Recommendations Featured in Health Affairs Blog


On November 13, Avalere policy experts published a piece in the Health Affairs blog about considerations for developing and harmonizing HIV prevention recommendations to drive the goal of eliminating HIV.

The administration’s goal of eliminating new HIV transmissions by 2030 will require coordination on HIV prevention among various recommending bodies. Alignment on these recommendations related to preventive health services—including by CDC’s ACIP and USPSTF—can assist in eliminating HIV transmissions and providing clarity to providers and patients.

In “Ending an Epidemic Requires Multiple Interventions: Considerations for Developing and Harmonizing HIV Preventive Recommendations,” Avalere experts outline the need for coordination and collaborative recommendations for PrEP and future HIV vaccinations, including the following:

  • Considerations for future HIV preventive products, including HIV vaccines and PrEP products
  • The need for alignment of clear and consistent evidence-based recommendations for the prevention of HIV

Read the full piece on the Health Affairs blog.

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