Avalere Partners with Leading Providers and Advocacy Groups to Chart Course for SDM in Cancer Care

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Despite recognition that providers should implement shared decision making (SDM) as standard practice, integration of SDM into regular care delivery remains elusive.

To address this goal, Avalere partnered with a multidisciplinary group of leading providers, patient advocacy groups, and others to identify key principles in designing and testing processes to promote SDM in routine oncology practice.

In a commentary published this month in the peer-reviewed Journal of Palliative Care, we describe 3 best practices for addressing challenges associated with implementing SDM that emerged from a multidisciplinary collaborative: (1) engagement of diverse stakeholders who have interest in SDM; (2) development and validation of an evidence-based SDM tool grounded within an established conceptual framework; and (3) development of the necessary roadmap and consideration of the infrastructure needed for engendering patient engagement in decision-making. We believe these 3 principles are critical to the success of creating SDM tools to be utilized both within and outside of clinical practice, and it reinforces efforts of a related Avalere multistakeholder collaborative, the Patient-Perspective Value Framework Initiative.

To learn more about Avalere’s work in this space, connect with us.

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