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There’s one constant in healthcare: change. Count on us to break down the trends so you can stay up to date. Follow our take on each piece of this deep, intertwined, and often perplexing industry to find opportunities and practical approaches to move healthcare forward.

Analysis: Access to Anticonvulsant Therapy

An Avalere analysis found that Medicare prescription drug plans (PDPs) had lower levels of coverage and fewer medicines on less expensive formulary tiers than commercial health insurance plans, potentially impacting patients' access to anticonvulsants.

SGR Patch in 2014 Likely

Congress is likely to pass another short term doc-fix for CY2014.

What You Need to Know About DSH Cuts

With DSH cuts looming, hospitals should enroll patients in coverage programs to minimize the burden of uncompensated care.

Providers Look to Telemedicine to Manage Risk

The growing pressure to manage patient care post-discharge in an efficient manner will drive significant growth in telemedicine over the next few years.

Reinventing the American Hospital

In this new era of payment reform, understanding patient populations and capabilities of providers outside of the hospital will be critical to success.

Rx Coverage in Exchanges to Vary by State

The number of drugs health plans are required to cover in the individual and small group markets will vary dramatically by state in 2014.

Four Areas Key to Sustaining Innovation

Avalere convened a meeting of healthcare leaders who outlined four critical areas to sustain innovation: infrastructure, evidence evaluation, evidence communication, and coverage and payment.

Solving the Long-Term Care Cost Problem

Avalere research shows that enrollment in a voluntary long-term care insurance program would not be large enough to shift our financing system from Medicaid to private insurance.

Act Now to Avoid 2015 VBP Program Cuts

Reducing your hospital's MSPB score is an important first step in preparing to manage your patients' post-discharge costs.

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