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Market Access Analytics

Avalere’s competitive intelligence uses robust data sources from all payers to support life sciences companies launching new products, refining existing commercial strategies, and preparing for current or anticipated competition in the market.


Maximizing Market Performance

To launch and market products successfully, sponsors must identify and adapt to market forces and trends. An in-depth understanding of the regulatory environment and data-fueled insights into key pricing data, patient behavior, care patterns, and provider reimbursement allow life sciences companies to predict and mitigate challenges to reaching customers during the launch and post-launch periods.

Strategic Partnership

We provide clients with end-to-end guidance on creating and executing data-informed market strategies for new products and for existing products facing new competitive threats. Capabilities include claims-based analysis, value framework impact analysis, and qualitative assessment of patient behavior and provider incentives.

Our commercial readiness solutions are data- and claims-backed and draw on our experts’ decades of experience in regulatory agencies and the life sciences industry. Our seasoned life sciences analytics experts will help you establish optimal pricing and contracting strategies, and Avalere staff with deep knowledge of regulatory and government affairs will help you map the regulatory landscape and predict its future development.

Defining Market Access and Commercialization

Market access and commercialization encompasses the successive steps required to develop and support a life sciences product launch. During the R&D phase, treatment gap identification and the competitive environment must be properly assessed; in pre-launch, channel strategies and pricing defined. Finally, ongoing stakeholder engagement and evidence generation to support global product expansion are critical in the post-launch phase.

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