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Pricing Strategy

We help prescription drug and device manufacturers develop pricing strategies that optimize market opportunities, account for risks, and lay the groundwork for long-term success.


Scenario Planning

Prescription drug and medical device pricing and reimbursement are shaped by ever-changing market conditions, differing stakeholder objectives, and evolving perceptions of value. Developing a pricing strategy that accounts for both current conditions and anticipated market changes will maximize revenue generation and establish an advantageous market position.

Drug and device developers are embracing comprehensive assessments that identify production and access risks and ensure a strong foundation for long-term success. Although generating meaningful clinical data remains paramount, constructing a sound early market-access strategy that can evolve to meet over-the-horizon opportunities and mitigate potential risks is increasingly important.

Comprehensive, Trusted Capabilities

Avalere is uniquely equipped to assist in this process. For more than 20 years, we’ve helped drug developers and leading manufacturers worldwide navigate the shifting market and regulatory landscape. We design strategies that apply scientific, clinical, regulatory, and market access expertise to illuminate variables across the full spectrum of therapeutic areas and at all stages of development. Avalere’s internal subject matter experts provide clients with granular insights to support actionable guidance that can inform strategies, empower decisions, and maximize potential value across stakeholders.

Avalere supports pipeline asset strategy initiatives with industry-leading pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical technology firms. We help advance assets across all therapeutic domains, from pre-clinical work through Phase 1 and 2 development. We can help you create and execute:

  • Landscape assessments
  • Target product profile positioning and optimization
  • Opportunity assessments
  • Pricing, reimbursement, and coverage strategy
  • Due diligence support and corporate partnering strategies
  • Stakeholder insights (key opinion leaders, payers, providers, patients)
  • Treatment gaps and patient journey analysis
  • Identification of total addressable market
  • Clinical trial endpoint and site identification
  • Indication selection and sequencing assessments
  • Forecasting and market impact modeling
  • Regulatory strategies

Defining Market Access and Commercialization

Market access and commercialization encompasses the successive steps required to develop and support a life sciences product launch. During the R&D phase, treatment gap identification and the competitive environment must be properly assessed; in pre-launch, channel strategies and pricing defined. Finally, ongoing stakeholder engagement and evidence generation to support global product expansion are critical in the post-launch phase.

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