Medication Adherence Disparities Linked to Race, Socioeconomic Factors

An Avalere analysis finds that a smaller share of Black and Hispanic Medicare beneficiaries and beneficiaries in lower socioeconomic quartiles have sufficient adherence for commonly used medications. The analysis also shows greater disparities in Medicare plans rated 3 stars or fewer.

Kristin McCarthy

Avalere Survey: Over Half of Health Plans Use Outcomes-Based Contracts

In September 2021, Avalere conducted an online survey of 51 US-based health plans and pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs), representing roughly 59 million covered lives. The survey indicates that 56% of payers have executed an outcomes-based contract (OBC) as of September 2021.

Air Pollution Connected to Adverse and Inequitable Health Outcomes

Worse air quality leads to preventable negative health outcomes that increase healthcare costs. Further, urban and minority populations are often exposed to disproportionate pollution risks, leading to impaired health and increased financial burden on both individuals and broader health and social systems.

Medicare Part D, Part V: What’s Next for CMMI?

Tune into the fifth and final episode of the Avalere Health Essential Voice miniseries focused on Medicare Part D. In this segment, our experts discuss the Center for Medicare & Medicaid Innovation (CMMI) and its strategic direction for the coming year, particularly as it relates to the Part D program.

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