Advanced Healthcare Analytics

John E. Linnehan

“Deeply rooted in our clients' business, we identify relevant data analyses to work together to determine effective solutions.”

John E. Linnehan
Practice Director

Infuse Big Data with Expert Insights

Our robust proprietary healthcare data asset—the MORE2 Registry® data—strengthens our methods by leveraging information from 63 billion medical events and 338 million unique patients across commercial, fee-for-service Medicare (100%), Medicare Part D (100%), Medicare Advantage, and managed Medicaid populations. With in-house healthcare experts spanning economics, actuarial science, policy, market access and reimbursement, payment and delivery, and value-based care, we answer complex questions supported by patient data. Our predictive modeling can help you determine how health reforms and payment policies will impact your business financials. Manufacturers count on our statistical techniques and benchmarking to support product commercialization. And Congress relies on our analysis to weigh policy decisions. Together, we can take your business to the next level with facts and expert interpretation and guidance.

Customized Solutions

Whether you are from a life sciences company, plan, or provider, we have you covered.
Actuarial Science
Budget Impact & Cost-Effective Modeling
Comparative Analytics
Economic Modeling
Financial Modeling
Predictive Analytics
Real-World Data-Driven Insights
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