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There’s one constant in healthcare: change. Count on us to break down the trends so you can stay up to date. Follow our take on each piece of this deep, intertwined, and often perplexing industry to find opportunities and practical approaches to move healthcare forward.

Christina Badaracco

Payer Issues, Part 2: Health Plans’ Interventions to Address Food Insecurity

The growing prevalence and disparities in chronic diseases necessitate that health plans address food insecurity to improve patient outcomes. The combination of increasing need for access to healthy food and changes in the health policy and insurance landscape create opportunities to address food insecurity through a variety of payers.

Hillary Stires

What the Rollover from Drugs to Biologics Means

On Monday, March 23, over 90 products that had historically been regulated as drugs were deemed to be licensed as a biologic. This includes insulin products. During the past several years, the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) has released guidance about their interpretation of the provision to guide sponsors and provide information about what to expect for the transition.

Katie Patton

States Act to Ensure Coverage Protections in Advance of ACA Decision

The majority of 2020 state legislative sessions are either approaching crossover deadlines or adjournment. In 2019 and 2020, at least 15 states (CT, DE, FL, HI, IN, LA, MD, ME, NH, NJ, NM, NV, OR, VT, and WA) have enacted laws to create or study coverage protections against pre-existing condition exclusions or coverage of all essential health benefits (EHB) provided for in the Affordable Care Act (ACA).

Emily Belowich

Chronic Disease Mobile Health Apps Need Better Value Propositions and Evidence

Rising healthcare costs and the increased prevalence of chronic disease in the US are incentivizing stakeholders to develop new solutions to tackle these issues. Many have turned to digital health innovations like mobile health applications to facilitate care prevention and management for chronic disease, but significant gaps remain in their ability to be used in real-world practice.

Neil Rosacker

Details Matter: Healthcare Coverage Landscape Varies in Super Tuesday States

Ahead of the Super Tuesday primaries on March 3, healthcare remains a top issue among voters. According to January 2020 polling from Bipartisan Policy Center, 56% of individuals ranked healthcare as one of their top 3 issues when determining how to vote in the upcoming election, above the economy (44%), immigration (33%), taxes (31%), gun control (30%), and environmental policy (23%).

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