Value-Based Care

Alternative payment models are becoming more advanced as the healthcare system transitions to value-based care and payers drive to accelerate generated savings. Track and stay ahead of this evolution to identify strategic partnerships and measure results.

Understanding Success Among OCM Participants

Avalere analysis finds that success in the first 4 performance periods of the Oncology Care Model (OCM) was correlated with reductions to inpatient expenditure and spend reductions within certain high-cost tumor types. Further, smaller community-based practices and those that had lower per-episode expenditure in the baseline period tended to be more successful.

Comparing Part B and D Treatment Patterns of ACO and Non-ACO Providers

New analysis from Avalere finds that Medicare beneficiaries are more likely to receive Part D autoimmune drugs and less likely to receive Part B autoimmune drugs from providers who are part of Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) in the Medicare Shared Savings Program (MSSP) compared to non-ACO providers.

Mandatory Kidney Care Model Introduces Financial Incentives and Risks

The ESRD Treatment Choice model demonstrates an increased focus on improving health outcomes for Medicare patients receiving dialysis by realigning incentives to favor the adoption of home dialysis and increasing the rate at which patients receive kidney transplants. This mandatory model could lead to significant disruption for stakeholders in the coming years. Understanding the risk and opportunities associated with this model will be critical for patients, providers, and manufacturers alike.

Natascha Dixon Edelin

Avalere Analysis Shows Home Care Services Reduce Medicare Spending

Avalere analysis determined that Medicare Fee-for-Service (FFS) patients receiving home-based care services experienced a decrease in Medicare spending over time when compared to a statistically balanced, matched control group who do not appear to have received home care services. The spending differential was also found to be higher among Medicare beneficiaries with functional limitations and multiple chronic conditions.

Sarah Alwardt

Measuring the Effectiveness of Cost-of-Care Conversations

With support from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, Avalere assesses opportunities to normalize cost-of-care conversations through measurement.

Dan Mendelson

Dan Mendelson Commentary on Health Equity Featured in Forbes

The COVID-19 pandemic and a summer of focus on racial justice has finally begun to intensify government interest in reducing racial disparities in healthcare. Understanding that healthcare providers and systems tend to respond to the economic incentives that are presented to them, current government decisions on payment options around renal dialysis present an important test case for the Trump Administration.

Interview: Clinical Pathways in Oncology, Part 2

Tune into another episode of Start Your Day with Avalere. In this segment, experts from Avalere’s Market Access continue their discussion on clinical pathways in oncology, exploring how they are developed and what cancers and treatment modalities are included.

New ESRD Analytics Featured in Kidney 360

On August 25, “Calcimimetic Use in Dialysis-Dependent Medicare Fee-for-Service Beneficiaries and Implications for Bundled Payment” was published in Kidney 360. The article featured research and analytics conducted by Avalere experts.

5 Activities to Make the Most of the HEDIS® Off-Season

While the HEDIS® collection season lasts for a limited time, the focus on initiatives that impact HEDIS results is a year-round priority. The period between submission and HEDIS season ramp-up, known as the “off-season,” offers an opportunity for health plans to elevate the member experience, amplify quality improvement activities, and improve HEDIS submission effectiveness.

Webinar: Market Access Enablement Strategies, Part 1: Launching in a Virtual World

Join Avalere experts for Part 1 of our Market Access Enablement Strategies webinar series to learn about how life sciences companies are pivoting with pre-/post-new product launch strategies, including differential investments to inform market access execution.

Interview: Clinical Pathways in Oncology, Part 1

Tune into another episode of Start Your Day with Avalere. In this segment, experts from Avalere’s Market Access practice discuss clinical pathways as they relate to value in oncology.

Research Agenda for Health Equity Released in Collaboration with RWJF

Avalere is releasing a new research agenda to guide evidence generation for health system models of care that advance the intersection of social and clinical needs of Medicaid-eligible individuals.

Alecia Clary

Optimizing Clinical Registries During the COVID-19 Era

Registries have played an important role in furthering our understanding of the diagnosis and treatment of diseases and have specifically proven valuable in the identification and management of pandemic diseases.

Interview: E10, Part 1 – Get the Facts on COVID-19: Impacts on Healthcare Provider Performance

Tune into the tenth episode of our series of podcasts that focuses on COVID-19, which will discuss impacts on provider performance in 3 critical segments. In episode 10 Part I, Avalere experts from the Center for Healthcare Transformation will discuss the impacts of COVID-19 on measures, specifically related to cardiovascular disease, diabetes, obstetrics and gynecology, and primary care disease management.

Emerging Trends in Oncology Management

As treatment advancements in oncology continue, stakeholders are modifying their approaches to defining value and managing care

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