Alessandra Fix

Alessandra Fix supports clients with research and analysis that span a variety of healthcare sectors and stakeholders.

She applies her background in public policy and healthcare communications to a broad range of client projects.

Prior to joining Avalere, Alessandra was a Communications Assistant with the Massachusetts Essentials for Childhood, supporting the work of a CDC-grant-funded team conducting research on adverse childhood experiences as well as assisting with communications to community partners and the public. Prior, she served as an intern at the Massachusetts Department of Public Health where she supported initiatives to build cross-discipline professional capacity around infant and early childhood mental health. Alessandra has a BS in public health and a minor in sociology from the George Washington University.

Authored Content

With a robust vaccines pipeline and opportunities to improve adult vaccine access, vaccines are currently a hot topic. In our 30-minute Conversations series, Avalere’s experts will break down the issues surrounding vaccines, what those issues mean, and their impact on various healthcare stakeholders. They will also provide insights on what to expect from the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practice’s meeting scheduled for June 26–27.

On May 7, Avalere policy experts published a piece in the Health Affairs blog about the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) recommendations, and how they may be leading to provider practice confusion and potential access barriers for patients.