Thomas Hess

Thomas Hess brings over 15 years of successful leadership experience to his role at Avalere Health.

As a commercial pioneer and innovator leading the development of cutting-edge products (vaccines and therapeutics) in the pharmaceutical industry. Tom has been able to use the latest technological innovations in vaccine production —including plant-based expression systems—to create market-leading product portfolios that have the capability of generating multimillion-dollar revenues in highly competitive global markets. He has consistently leveraged in-depth expertise in global product strategy, market planning, capital raising, and business development (including mergers and acquisitions). Tom has achieved progressive growth as a results-driven marketing and business development strategist with a proven track record of building commercial and nonprofit entities, directing global M&A processes, launching new product portfolios, and raising capital for both clinical development and manufacturing.

Tom's experience includes positions at industry leaders such as Medicago, Takeda Pharmaceuticals, and GlaxoSmithKline. His teams have executed deals around joint partnerships and technology acquisitions, built new commercial units, and established company presence in new growth markets. Tom’s leadership and vision supported the launch of the Global Higher Education Organization, an innovative not-for-profit, answering the need for access to secondary education among low-income populations and delivering financial, social, and skill development to selected students through a novel ecosystem of partners in Colombia

Tom is an alumnus of Xavier University and a graduate of the University of Chicago Booth Management Institute. He completed his MBA at Lake Forest Graduate School of Management with Hotchkiss Scholar Designation.

Authored Content

Join us for a live conversation exploring actionable strategies for driving greater vaccine access and adoption.

Stakeholders in the COVID-19 pandemic response face regulatory and commercial uncertainties as emergency operations transition and market access of products face both emergency use and full licensure.

The COVID-19 pandemic response has increased investment in vaccine innovations, but also exposed gaps in US and global vaccine access and delivery.

Crises often drive change at a pace not thought feasible in normal times. The COVID-19 pandemic has been no exception, bringing the accelerated development and emergency approval of vaccines, the wide implementation of telehealth, and potentially permanent changes to the way that global business is conducted.

On May 5, the Biden administration announced its support for waiving World Trade Organization (WTO) intellectual property regulations with respect to COVID-19 vaccines, in an effort to increase supply and worldwide access to the vaccines.